, he can see ahead, so he can escape the immediacy of desire of the moment, the animal world and into a rational world of freedom, which is of course the world of the city.


Would you like to express the opponent opinion before moving forward?


Aristotle tried to justify it politically in terms of the theory of the mind. He tried to say they were natural slaves. They were slaves because they won’t capable really of thinking what to do. They were deliberative disastrous slaves. But most ancient Greeks didn’t believe it, they didn’t think that slavery was justified, they thought it was necessary. They took the same view as we do of those being some people who are inconsiderable poverty. They’re just an inevitable product of a necessary system.


Persians, who are barbarians.


service is perfect freedom. What did Christians bring to the idea of freedom?


with your reason. You except submission to God, you except the God as your master – the person, who dominate over you. And through being dominated by God, to service the God, therefor you achieve freedom. So the whole ancient idea of autonomy, freedom, reason is radically criticized by Augustin. We have to except the God in order to dominate our passions.




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