Контроль навыков чтения Популярные виды спорта в Британии УМК Верещагиной И.Н.

Reading Comprehension Test

Lesson 19

Text “Popular British Sports and Games”


The British are real sport lovers.

in England.

in England.


century in England.

The British are very interested in skiing and skating.




, teams, international, English, take part, the, national, in.

Answer the questions

What are the popular British sports and games?

2. Which sports can we call the national English games?


of the year in England?

5. Do girls and women play cricket too?

first played?

7. Which sports can we call the national Russian sports?


British sports and games;

and games popular in Russia.

Use the following as a plan for your discussion.



the national…………… .

developed (invented) in …………….. .

…………… is (was) spread through the country.

part in the international competitions (matches, Olympiad games).

… .

) prize in the Olympiad in Sochi.





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