Контрольные работы для учащихся

Вариант 1

I Read the text and answer the questions:

Tommy asked Ronan to cheat in the test. Ronan said no, and told the teacher. Tommy got a zero, so he is angry with Ronan, because his basketball coach is going to take him off the school basketball team for bad marks. Tommy wants a good mark for this text, because he wants to stay on the team. Just a week ago the coach made Tommy starter. Tommy is very happy about it. Ronan is on the basketball team, too, but he is a reserve and starts the match on the bench. He wants to be a starter, too.

What did Tommy ask Ronan?

What did Ronan do?

Why did Tommy want to cheat in a test?

Why didn’t Ronan help Tommy?

Rewrite the sentences using Passive voice:

Student use computers at their lessons.

The teacher explained the rules of the game to the students.

Ann cooks a special dinner on the 21 May.

They arrange a nice picnic last month.

Our Canadian exchange partners will write letters.

III Word building:

   5. report

   6. invite

   7. trouble

   8. friend


IV. Match the word and the translation:


Добро пожаловать!




на углу




. разрешать



I Read the text and write true or false:

We used to go to the same school. He moved to another house and changed schools a year ago. We were watching the other boys’ football practice when he started talking. He said that he felt lonely because he could not make new friends at school. Then he told me about his new home, his interests … Funny, we hardly knew each other then, but there was something about him I trusted. Now we are best friends.

This is David’s story about how he met his best friend.

David and Max studied together a year ago.

David and Max talked before the match.

David had no friends at school.

Max can trust David with his secrets and feelings.


II Rewrite the sentences using Passive voice:

The builders broke the old bridge across the river.

Every American knows Michael Jackson.

The students themselves will arrange the party.

Somebody wrote the book in 1974.

Lena will get an e-mail next week.


III Word building:

   5. argue

   6. educate

   7. work

   8. help



IV. Match the word and the translation:











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