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. Education



, 1643


Reading: 2 texts

, 1 lecture


Is college worth it?


Exercise 1. Read the text.


Higher education

Is college worth it?

Too many degrees are a waste of money. The return on higher education would be much better if college were cheaper

e of Spanish-speakers in a nation that borders Latin America. So Ms Styles found herself working in a clothes shop and a fast-food restaurant for no more than $11 an hour.

to $65,000, but she will have little trouble paying it off.

told that college is the gateway to the middle class. The truth is more nuanced, as Barack Obama hinted when he said in January that “folks can make a lot more” by learning a trade “than they might with an art history degree”. An angry art history professor forced him to apologise, but he was right.

how much they cost—a residential four-year degree can set you back as much as $60,000 a year—many students end up worse off than if they had started working at 18.

of many different types of degree (see chart).

Hard subjects pay off

a 20-year return of almost $500,000.

worse than plonking the money in 20-year treasury bills. Of those, 18 offered returns worse than zero.


, more intelligent than non-graduates.

is 22%. Glenn Reynolds, a law professor and author of “The Higher Education Bubble”, writes of graduates who “may wind up living in their parents’ basements until they are old enough to collect Social Security.”

for four-year institutions is only 59%.



Grading the graders

after five years.

will have to shape up, or disappear. (From The Economist, April 5, 2014)


Using information from the text discuss the questions:


What conclusions can be drawn from the survey of PayScale?






. Write a summary of the text (about 150 words).


nline education


Discuss the questions:

ave you experienced as a student?

What suggestions can you propose to improve the current situation?


on the left with their definitions on the right:


(project method, activity-based learning)

2. self-pacing

3. instant feedback

peer learning



is constructed in such a way that the learner proceeds from one topic or segment to the next at their own speed.




Using information from the lecture discuss the questions:





with face-to-face classes?


. Write a summary of the videolecture (200-250 words).


Text C. Foreign study


. Before listening to the text discuss the questions:


the University?




переманивать, присваивать чужое

сокрушаться, горько жаловаться


hat do the following figures refer to in the text:









a quarter

a fifth



$24 billion










provide on:

the American society and worldwide


3. the dynamics of the economy and the labour market

4. the set of skills required by modern economy from employees and leaders

5. the education patterns of the genders

and social roles


4. Write a summary of the text (about 150 words).




. Read the text.


Top of the class

and international


international rankings.

of Caltech and now president of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); but “you can’t do it without having more than one great university around.”

. America’s state universities, he says, used to show little interest in the international market. Now that their budgets have been cut, he sees a lot more of their presidents.


research; THE and QS also look at things like staff-student ratios and reputation.

are slipping.

behaviour and of change,” says Professor Hazelkorn.

that KAUST is said to have received from the late King Abdullah. An alternative luxury model is to get a top-class foreign university to set up on your soil. The United Arab Emirates has got NYU, which has also set up a campus in Shanghai, while Yale has a partnership with the National University of Singapore.


but also for excellent students

never got any anyway).

) the best payers, but some of the new Gulf employers offer twice as much.

from Harvard, Stanford or Princeton.

Britain, which chucks out most international students the moment they have graduated. The idea, according to Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s prime minister, was to “attract talent from all over the world to add sparkle to our diamond”.

as they are everywhere else. “Our demographics mean we are in need of foreign talent,” says Georg Krücken, director of the international centre for higher-education research at Kassel university. “These students are nodes in a global network of talent.”


because it does no research.

that you are in?” he asks.

The tallest poppies

for clever foreign students have been cut back.

more universities.


Mar 26th 2015


discuss the following questions:

1. What universities are mentioned in the text? What information is given about each of them?

What information is given about each of them?

What strategies have they adopted to reach the top slots in university rankings?


. Write a summary of the text (about 150 words).


Youth unemployment




(August, 2016)









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